How To Do Homework And Have Fun – 5 Methods That Work

Doing school work is really a drag no matter what grade you’re in. There always seems to be better things to do that distract you, and your essay can seem like an unpleasant chore at best. If you are looking for ways you can get the work done without too much pain, you are in the right place!

Methods of finding fun ways to do your homework

  1. Trick Your Brain: it might seem impossible to get yourself into the mood to do homework, but you can take control of your mindset or inner voice. Even if you really would rather be doing something else, tell yourself that you’re in the mood to do your school work. It might not happen right away, but if you just start working and “fake it til you make it” you will end up enjoying the feeling of making progress and finishing the work.
  2. Grab a Friend: having a study buddy to work with can really help some people. Unless you are just distracting each other and goofing off, having a friend over can make you accountable to each other and bounce ideas back and forth
  3. Test Yourself: there is science that explains how the questions you get wrong on a test are the ones that you remember most after you see the correct answer. You’ll have an easier time if you look up answers to the hardest questions in preparation for a test
  4. Take breaks: it’s a good idea to space out your homework sessions, because information needs time to absorb into your brain. Also, if you are hungry or tired, you won’t remember anything or do a poor job, and then you’re just wasting your time. Take care of yourself first, and be relaxed while you work
  5. Reward Yourself: but not too often. You might have a small jar of jelly beans on your desk and you get to eat one after you answer each problem, but it’s most effective if you have a big reward (say going out to a movie with friends) after you have completed the entire assignment.

Those techniques should get you through any paper you have to write or problems you have to answer for school. If you haven’t started yet and are dreading the work, then sometimes all it takes is to just start, and the rest will come easier.

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