Tackling Digital Math Homework In College: 4 Helpful Tools

Digital math homework tools ease your task when completing the assignment. While there are many tools available on different platforms, some have been rated as the best for math. The benefits offered are unique to each tool. This explains why you may need different tools for each task. There are many more tools available but here are the most exciting ones to think about.


This is a video streaming platform that allows you to communicate with another party from any end of the world for free through the internet. It is available for use by anyone with good internet speed and who is allowed by authority to access the internet. Adult supervision many be required for supervision purposes. It allows a student to interact with the teacher in real time. Since it is accessible on multiple devices, a student can request for demonstration by the teacher or another party via video link. The demonstration can be carried out on any surface. It is therefore a convenient way to learn math.

Better Explained

This is a platform for sharing your “Aha!” moments in a subject. It allows members to share videos, colloquial explanations, diagrams and other demonstrations of concepts learnt in class. This is the platform where the easiest explanations are found for complex concepts in math like imaginary numbers and Bayes’ Theorem, among others. Its membership comprises of teacher and students whose main interest is numbers. It is a platform where everyone showcases his understanding of a concept without being judged.


This is a free online calculator that can handle any function you can think about. It translates these functions into graphs, sliders, tables and regressions, among other mathematical concepts. It is a great math teacher than can be useful to students at any level including college. It is compatible for use on computers or tablets without affecting its capability. It is one of the most exciting platforms to practice math.

Khan Academy

This is a self paced learning environment comprising of multiple videos on different subjects. It is interactive with a simplistic approach to the presentations that makes the concepts easier to understand. The videos on this platform are free and of excellent quality. It also carries standardized tests and is making waves around the world.

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