Encouraging Good Homework Habits: Vital Advice

Procrastination is very common among students, so you don’t have to feel bad about it. Sometimes you are not in the mood to do your assignments, or you keep postponing them until it is too late. This will not only make you stressed, but it will also decrease the quality of your work since you do everything in a rush. To prevent any problem, you have to develop some healthy homework habits and make sure you stick to them.

  • Make a clear schedule and stick to it. You already know how many courses you will have next week, as well as if you have to work on a project or something similar. However, you always forget about something or you just neglect it. To change this, you have to create a strict program in the beginning of every week. Write down the days when you work on math and the days when you work on essays. It will be much easier for you.
  • Make your homework as soon as you get home. Every day it’s a struggle to get started with the study, especially if you don’t like the subject. The more you wait, the more difficult it will be because your power of concentration is lower during the night. Get used to do everything just when you get home from school, so you can have the rest of the afternoon free.
  • Keep yourself healthy. As a teenager, you probably don’t have a strict program schedule and you prefer fast food instead of home cooked food. All this can have a big impact over your capacity of learning; it’s quite difficult to concentrate when you barely got any sleep the night before.
  • Remove any distraction. When you work on your assignments, you do many things at the same time. You talk with your friends through texts and you check your social networks every few minutes. As fun as this might be, it will take your mind away from your study and all the process will take much more than it should. You can stay away from your smart phone for a few hours, so put it on silent while you study.
  • Eat well before studying. You might think that this does not matter, but you can’t focus properly on your essay if you only think about food. A quick snack is recommended before you start your work.

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